Syria impact: Vladimir Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


Syria impact: Vladimir Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Moscow: Heaping accolades on President Vladimir Putin for his role in moderating Syria crisis by averting US missile strikes, a Russian group has nominated the ex-KGB agent for Nobel Peace Prize, reports said. 

The Russian group International Academy of Spiritual Unity and Cooperation sent the official letter containing President’s nomination to the Nobel Prize Committee on September 16, head of the organisation Georgy Trapeznikov said.

Putin is known to have averted a war in Syria after US President Barack Obama said that a military intervention was necessary in wake of August 21 chemical attacks.

But Russia intervened and it made Syria agree to a plan to submit its chemical stockpile to the international committee.

Hailing Putin’s endeavour in opposing military intervention in Syria, the group stated that Putin was a man who favoured peaceful diplomatic solutions.

The group, which has some of Russian government officials as its members, said that Putin was better suited for the peace prize as compared to US President Barack Obama who in spite of winning 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, continued leading military operations including drone strikes.

Speaking at a news conference, Russiam lawmaker Losif Kobzon said, “I think our president, who is trying to stop the bloodshed, who is trying to help to resolve this conflict situation through a political dialogue, through diplomatic language, deserves this title more."

"Barack Obama has the title of Nobel Prize winner - the man who initiated and approved such aggressive actions on the part of the United States of America as in Iraq, Afghanistan, some others, and now is preparing for invasion of Syria,” he added.

Besides his diplomacy on Syria, Putin’s nomination was also prompted by the fact that the Russian President had played a key role in peacekeeping processes in many regions inside the Russian Federation, the group’s head Trapeznikov added.

Putin's nomination comes inspite the fact that he is reportedly known to have ordered assassinations of his political opponents, journalists or rival tycoons. He is also notorious for his muderous campaign in Chechnya in order to clapmdown on separatism.

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